Production, Visualization & Coordination Services

BIM Development

Model Development & Management from LOD 100 to 300.

Basic LOD 200 modelling  – Schematic level of development, no assemblies, basic overall dimensions. Plans, elevations, sections, RCPs, design level perspective.

BIM LOD 300 modelling -
Design Development level of development, assemblies defined, additional constructible dimensions, Views and sheets as labelled above w/ additional wall sections, enlarged plans as required, schedules and details.

Residential Fixed Fee – Pricing dependant on area and number of storeys.


Rendering & Walkthroughs done on time and within budget.

Sometimes a little extra attention to the details can help sell a vision but sometimes you don't have the time or budget for a high priced render farm to get your presentation graphics ready. 

LIMINALSTAR can help develop a render ready model and ensure graphics are high quality and convincing!

Walkthrough animations and immersive panorama are also a great way to find errors and determine material palettes. 

Clash Detection & Coordination

Accurate drawings & no clashes on site, hand off to VDC with confidence.

Clients who want to enhance their process or get more ROI out of their AEC Collection licenses can explore clash detection through Navisworks, but if this is something you don't have time or staff to facilitate, we can help you with this. 

Clash detection is a great way to determine if teams are following the requirements of a BxP as well as meeting expectations for milestone submissions.