LIMINALSTAR BIM Coordinator Kits 2022 & 2023

The LIMINAL BIM Coordinator Kit is meant to serve a few purposes. If you are just starting out with template development, you can use this file to get an understanding of how View Types correlate to View Templates, and Browser Organization. It can be used as a basis or starting point for a new template you are trying to create for your daily activities. It can also be used to interrogate a file from a consultant as a linked object, as well as a macro file that you can open up to Transfer Projects Standards into another file you’re working with.

Kit includes:
1) Coordinator Kit RVT file (Containing vetted and trusted Lineweights, Object Styles, Line Patterns and Styles, Print Settings, View Templates and View Filters, Phase Settings, Dimensions Styles, Browser Organizations setting and Schedules for Coordination and Quantification)
2) Line based Detail Component for Mark Up & Coordination
3) Multi-Category Coordination Tag
4) Create Workset Dynamo Script for Lonely BIMs
5) Keyboard Shortcuts file 
6) Kit Instructions

Simply Transfer Project Standard and start putting things right!